Course plan.

General notes and announcements

  • 19th Aug: Apart from the books mentioned in the course plan, there are a couple of other books in the library which may be of use for the course: Advanced linear algebra by Bruce Cooperstein (512.5 COO), Linear algebra by Hoffman and Kuntze (512.5 HOF), Linear algebra with applications by Gareth Williams ( 512.5 WIL).
  • 19th Aug: I have corrected a crucial typographical error, pointed out by your colleague (thanks!) in tutorial 1 below, in question 4.
  • 9th October: Class average for mid-sem exam is 39.7/52; maximum is 52/52.
  • 15th October: There are a couple of corrections on slides 25 and 28 for ODEs, thanks to Aniket. Please take a look.

  • 27th October: I have added one more slide to PDE slides, on heat equation for infinite medium/ Fourier transforms.

  • 8th November: While talking with a colleague, I remembered a joke which might (or might not) be enojyable to senior engineering students. It has nothing to do with the course, but it's the cleverest joke I know on mathematical physics: Schrodinger and Heisenberg are stopped by a police officer while travelling on a German motorway. “Sir, are you aware of the speed you are travelling at?” asks the policeman to Heisenberg, who is at the wheel. “No,” comes the reply, “but I know EXACTLY where I am!” The police officer gets suspicious and asks them to open the car boot. He goes around, peeks in and shouts “Hey! Is there a DEAD CAT in here?” Schrodinger shrugs and says “there is – now.”

Handouts and slides